Lenovo Chromebook N22 Notebook Offers Below $500

Lenovo Chromebook N22 Notebook is laptop made to be productive in its use. However, it also offers innovative features at the same time. The price for this laptop is not expensive, it offers below $500. It’s really good for beginner user or students.

Lenovo Chromebook N22

Many laptop manufacturers do struggle a lot in producing productive laptops. However, not all of them are innovative enough for you to choose. Rather than getting mere productivity, wouldn’t it be nice to get the innovative kind too? If you are interested in it, there is one with innovative productivity that you can consider. Yes, we are talking about Lenovo Chromebook N22 Notebook here. Let’s see how innovative and productive it is.

Notable Processor as the Laptop’s Power Source

We can’t neglect the fact that it is important to concern ourselves with laptop’s processor each time we talk about cheap laptop under $500. It is laptop’s power source after all. Without good choice, you can’t expect to get good performance as well. There is no need to worry. This Lenovo Chromebook is sure to run with Intel processor. Intel N3060 Dual-Core is considered to be powerful enough kind to bring you remarkable performance. So, be sure to consider it.

Rotatable Camera to Offer Flexibility in the Use

Today, laptops do come with built-in camera. However, not all of them can offer the most innovative kind for you. Did you know? If you choose this Lenovo Chromebook here, you will get the chance of using its rotatable camera. With the camera being rotatable like that, it would be flexible kind to let you be more creative in capturing images and videos. Such innovative feature sure is interesting to get and makes us feel want to work with it more.

Long Battery to Get More Things Done With

When it comes to productivity, of course the battery life would matter here. You can’t get more things done if the battery has pretty short lifespan after all. You can’t call it being productive, right? To live up to people’s expectations, this laptop comes to offer you as much as 10 hours of battery life. It is long enough lifespan to work with. Surely, you can get more things done with this Lenovo Chromebook here. Take this into account.

Durable Design to Last for Years to Come

Of course, durability is important matter to think about too. What’s the point of buying new laptop if it would likely to break anytime? You have to make sure that the design is durable. This Lenovo Chromebook would be good to consider here because it is very well made if we have to say. There are reinforcement around ports and hinges, anti-peel keys, sealed touchpad, and even water-resistant keyboard to ensure the durability.

There, this Lenovo Chromebook N22, among best laptops under 500 dollars, is promising, isn’t it? It is both productive and innovative. You can work long with the laptop, be more creative than before, and get your job done more and more. Even with such high productivity, Lenovo Chromebook N22 Notebook can still withstand and serve your needs for years to come. It is highly durable. It definitely can keep up with you. Priced affordably, it makes great deal to choose. You better set your eyes on this laptop.