ASUS E200HA for Top Laptop Under $400

Asus E200HA is the smart netbook that comes with 11.3 inches wide screen, useful features, and boldly beautiful golden color design.  This a great laptop for students. It’s cheap. And this laptop is best choice between laptops under 400 dollars.

Asus E200HA laptop

Asus never disappointed fans by producing smart netbook with attractive look like this Asus E200HA series, a netbook that comes with portable idea combined with marvelous performance, fast speed, and spacious storage. It is made with compact design, presenting easy and comfortable performance. The smart gesture that is attached with track-pad makes the keyboard becomes more comfortable to be tapped. It is only small thing that makes this netbook appears strong and compatible. More specifications are mentioned below.

Beautiful Look and Design

Asus E200HA Netbook

This cheap laptop below $400 is the portable type item that has been created with valuably smart design, showing the ultra-compact look with light weight. Bringing this item on will not be heavy as it is only weight at 2.2. Lbs. The display size is 11.6 inches with clear screen resolution. The body design is just balance and comfortable especially the keyboard that is designed with smart gesture, a new technology that makes it looks easier to tap and giving comfortable using. The gold color makes it looks more elegant. The luxurious feel does not come only through the body design but also come up on the engine system as well as the features.

Netbook Specification

This item has been programmed using great and fast processor of Intel Quad Core Atom with number type is Z8350. Thus it produces very high speed browsing when operated. It speed reaches at 1.44 GHz while it can reach at top grade at 1.92 GHz with Turbo system. It is working together with upbeat Wi-Fi type, the 802.11 ac that has been featured with MIMO multi-user system. This combination serves faster and more compact wireless connection time. There will be no longer time in connecting the device with the internet.

Spacious Storage

This item is built with netbook design that gives and easy and comfortable way of handling and bringing the item at hand. Even though the weight is less than other general smart netbook but this one is different as it comes with very big storage. The spacious storage gives more comfortable and roomy in which it can be loaded with various application and data without leaving it hang or having such a lag. This is a good thing. The RAM DDR3 storage is 4 GB while the hard drive presented 32 GB.


It will not get smart title without presenting very progressive performance with various useful features. This item is designed with useful features like the availability of the various ports. There are 2 type of port that is the 2.0 USB ports and 3.0 USB port. This item brightly introduced as VivoBook ssris, presenting beautiful look and appealing performance. Moreover, this item uses firm battery type. The battery uses lithium ion type. Thus it produces long life battery.

Asus E200HA is a smart netbook that uses less electric as it only uses 19 voltages but it can be used for longer time period as it featured with lithium ion type battery. The item that has marvelous design is made with total dimension is 7.6 inches x 11.3 inches x 0.7 inches. It comes with complete spec like upgraded Bluetooth device 4.0 versions. The audio sounds also appear in a clear and pure tune. The port for headphone and audio are available as well as the port for micro HDMI and card reader, the gold color just make all the things becomes fabulous.